Collection: Yuan Wood And Sons China

Wood and Sons Yuan pattern china

Wood and Sons is a British pottery company established by Absalom Wood and his son Thomas Wood who was the mayor of Burslem. They built Wood and Sons into one of the largest potteries in the Burslem area. They were in business from 1865 to 2005, and at their peak employed over a 1000 people in the Staffordshire pottery. They produced a variety of china patterns. 

Yuan is a pattern of blue and white tableware produced by Wood and Sons in the 20th century, designed by Frederick Reid. It is a reproduction of an 13th century Yuan dynasty china pattern, that features a blue and white design with oriental birds and floral motif and a hatched border design. The  Wood and Sons Yuan china pattern was first registered in 1916, although it was actually manufactured from 1907.  Yuan was produced on a variety of pieces, including plates, bowls, teapots, teacups, and saucers, as well as serving pieces like platters and gravy boats. The central block pattern differs between pieces, giving variety to the range.

The Yuan pattern china is quite popular among collectors of blue and white china, and the early Yuan is particularly sought after by collectors.