Collection: Johnson Brothers Eternal Beau China

Eternal Beau China

Eternal Beau is a popular vintage china pattern produced by Johnson Brothers, a well-known English pottery manufacturer. This pattern features a floral garland design on white with pink flowers and green leaves. Eternal Beau china is characterised by its romantic and traditional appearance, and it was also quite popular for tableware and kitchen items.

Johnson Brothers Eternal Beau china is the most popular earthenware china ever manufactured in England and probably in the world. Eternal Beau is very robust and suitable for everyday use. Johnson Brothers launched the Eternal Beau pattern in 1981 as part of their Heritage range of stoneware china and produced it until 2013. Eternal Beau was manufactured at the Johnson Brothers factory in Staffordshire and also at The Eagle Works in Staffordshire England until 2003. Pieces produced after this and until 2013 were manufactured in China, and the backstamp is different and says England 1883.