Collection: Colclough Braganza China pattern 8454

Vintage Colclough Braganza China

Colclough Braganza Patt No 8454 is one of the most recognised of the vintage Colclough china patterns following it's use in the BBC sitcom "Keeping up appearances"

We stock multiple lines of Genuine Vintage Colclough Braganza Bone China pattern No 8454

Colclough Braganza china was produced from the mid 1960's until 1992. Rare early Braganza with Ridgway Potteries factory stamps can still be found. However the majority of Colclough Braganza has Colclough Doulton period factory marks, with a small amount produced after 1991 with Colclough Royal Albert 1991 copyright factory  marks. Not all Colclough Braganza was marked with Patt No 8454 or the name Braganza printed. In fact the vast majority simply had the universal pink styalised Colclough Doulton period stamp, used across all Colclough patterns by the factory during the period 1966 to 1997.

Over the three decades of production large amounts of Colclough Braganza was produced in dinner ware and tea ware lines. Braganza was never transferred onto gift ware of decorative china. The blue, gold and white design has proved ever popular and Braganza is still collected by enthusiasts.

Colclough Braganza Tea cups were made in 4 shape variations, and the hieght and diameter of the rims changed slightly over the production, so look both at the tea cup shape, sizes and handle shape when replacing broken items.