Collection: Arthur Wood & Sons Staffordshire

Arthur Wood & Sons Staffordshire Earthenware China

Arthur Wood & Son manufactured earthenware at the Bradwell Works, Longport, Stoke-on-Trent Staffordshire between 1928 - 1954, previously Arthur Wood, In 1924 his son Gerald Wood entered the business with his father.

During the 1930s & 40s the company acquired several other pottery manufacturers. including Price Bros. (Burslem) Ltd. Kensington Pottery Ltd.  Davenport Pottery Co. Ltd. Carlton Ware was acquired 1967 after it had gone into liquidation but it was sold in 1987 to County Potteries.

In 2003 Arthur Wood Group PLC went into administration. The name and intellectual property was purchaed by Rayware Ltd. Since the sale 'Arthur Wood' and 'Price & Kensington' has been retained as Rayware brands.