Antique China Value Guide ~ How Do I Value My China

Where can I find out how much my china is worth?

Read our guide and watch our video on how to how to value your china below. For a lot of common china designs the video will enable you to do this yourself. For the rest, it takes a few hours at least to do all the work required to give an authoritative report so we need to charge a small fee for the time and work. This can be purchased here china identification and valuation service that can be purchased online here. The valuation is done remotely, all you need to do is send us photos and information regarding the china. 

Watch our video on how to value vintage china and antique china 

Researching the value of your china can be done in a few different ways:

  1. Online research: Start by searching for the manufacturer and pattern of your china on online marketplaces like eBay and Etsy, as well as antique shops' websites. Look for items similar to yours and note their prices. This can give you an idea of the current market value. If you do not know the pattern start with a google image search on the manufacturer to see if you identify the pattern.
  2. Antique shops and appraisers: Visit antique shops or consult with an appraiser who specializes in vintage china. Your local auction house is a good place to start. They can provide expert knowledge and insights into the value of your pieces based on their condition, rarity, and historical significance.
  3. Reference books: Look for reference books on vintage china that include price guides and information on manufacturers and patterns. These can be found at libraries or purchased online or at bookstores.
  4. Auction results: Check auction results for similar pieces of vintage china to see what prices they have sold for in the past. This information can be found on auction house websites or in specialized auction result databases.
  5. Online valuation services: There are online valuation services that specialize in providing appraisals for vintage china. Most of these services charge a fee, but they can be helpful if you need a quick and accurate appraisal. We offer a remote appraisal and evaluation service here.
  6. Take your china to an valuation day at a local auction. Most auction houses offer free evaluation and appraisal services if you take the china physically to them. If you are considering selling the china, it can usually be left with them for sale in the next auction. Be sure to agree reserves and fees charged.

What things affect the value of my china

Remember that the value of vintage china can vary depending on its condition, rarity, and historical significance as well as current interior fashions and trends. It's important to do thorough research to get an accurate idea of the value of the china before selling. Watch our video above for our guidance on how to accurately value your china.

If you would like to know the value of your china you can buy the china identification and valuation service online here. The valuation will be done remotely, by Mike , you need to do is send us photos and information 0n the sizes and quantity of all the china we are appraising. 

Whats included in our China Identification and Valuation Reports

Below is an example china valuation report we recently completed for a buyer:

Dear......., Wow!

You actually have one of the most complete dinner services I have been asked to evaluate for some time. It will have come from a very prosperous large house.

The factory pattern ref is 4911 and it was retailed or originally supplied by Oslers on Oxford Street London.

The Spode factory stamp was used from 1891 through to around 1914.

Many Spode pieces were date stamped with the month and year of production, so it would be worth checking the base of a few pieces for impressed date marks ie M over 09 for May 1909 etc

From the style and mould shapes of your set I would consider it is most likely in the range 1895 to 1907

Extensive internet searches have not provided much useful information, mainly comprising your previous inquiries via JustAnswer

4911 was likely only used by Spode for the pattern used for Oslers, most china houses or department store had exclusive production agreements with the factories at this time. I could find no other matching pieces which have been sold online in the last 10 years.

Oslers was a large design house specialising in crystal and fine china, they would have offered international export to customers

oslers london 1890


I have found a similar date range Spode china retail offer  here..

Because of the date, fine condition and size of your set I am making the following recommendations on the valuation.

Trying to sell it privately would be near impossible, selling through a provincial or local auction house would be a very bad idea. Valuing individual pieces is inappropriate as the core value lies in the large size of the complete set.

The set needs to be sold as a complete set and sold through one of the international specialist auction houses, Sothebys, Christies or Bonhams would be the first to approach, and unfortunately it would likely need to be sold internationally to achieve the best price as the market for these fine large sets is now the Middle East, China and to a lesser extend New York. The auction house will advise on the best market place based on the style and previous achieved prices.

Key to achieving the best price at sale is provenance. If you are able to research and provide any of the family history for the purchase location and other history for the set this can really have an impact on the value.

Having taken all the above into consideration I would not be surprised to see this set reach £5-7000GBP Sterling equivalent at auction.

Replacing it would be near impossible but I would suggest an insurance valuation of £8000.00

I hope this meets you needs

Kind regards



Kind Regards

Mike Garside