Vintage China Condition

We sell a range of china, and in vintage and antique pieces of china the amount of wear varies. To ensure you are ordering pieces in the condition you want, we grade the degree of wear and for many of the pieces back the offer up with video's showing more detailed picture of the pieces. Remember, when replacing broken items, matching a replacement in a matching condition or state of wear gives the best match.

We want you to love your china that you buy from us. When we list items for sale we will try to give us a much detail as possible and lots of photos

Excellent and mint condition china.

We use this description for items in near factory condition and which could be mistaken for new. The glaze, pattern and gilt will all be excellent.

Very good used condition.

The pieces show some ware consistent with age and use. The glaze may show some knife marks on plates and the gilt may have areas of ware showing.

Well used vintage and antique condition.

The piece shows wear consistent with its age, the glaze may show crackling in very old pieces and in some antique pieces staining. Gilt may be worn or missing and there may be some fading of the pattern.

Heavy Ware

Often to gilt especially in high use pieces but sometimes to pattern if subject to dishwashers etc.