Sell Your China

How to sell your china to us

Please read the information below about how to sell your china 

Do we buy china?

Under normal circumstances we do buy china however during the recent pandemic, we have been overwhelmed with the amount of beautiful vintage and antique china being offered to us to buy. We are still looking for some particular types of china listed below.

China buying update 17th January 2021

Our vintage china warehouse is currently very full with an enormous amount of stock awaiting listing. At this time please only contact us if you have one of the below English china patterns for sale.

We are not currently buying china with the exemption of the below china patterns.

Vintage, antique and modern china still required

  • Royal Albert Orchard
  • Royal Albert Aristocrat
  • Colclough Harlequin.
  • Spode Blue Bowpot
  • Johnson Brothers Friendly Village 

Selling your discontinued china to us

  • Yes we do buy discontinued china and would be interested in pieces of china that you have for sale.
  • Before you email us, please make sure you have read these requirements below.
  • We are in the UK 

What condition must the china be in for us to buy it from you

  • All 20th Century china must be in "as new" or near new condition.
  • Antique china must be damage free and in excellent for its age condition
  • Any pieces with wear, gilt loss, cracks, chips (no matter how small) of other signs of heavy use or damage are of no interest to us.
  • Basically, if you look at it and think it looks  new and bright, we may be able to make you an offer. If the it looks sad or worn, we cant.

What information about the china you wish to sell do we need

  • We require a complete list of pieces you have available, with sizes and graphics of the front and rear of each piece.
  • If you have multiple identical pieces of china in identical condition, a single graphic and list will do.
  • Don't try to hide or cover any problems, we cant pay you for it when it arrives if it is not as described.

How much will we pay you for your china

  • Expect our offer to be a trade offer in the region of 25-33% of the full retail current value.
  • We will make you an indicative offer based on the information you provide.

How do I get the china to you

  • You are responsible for packaging or delivering the goods to one of our warehouse address's in Norfolk in the UK
  • Most sellers book goods with online courier services.

When will I get paid for my china

  • Upon receipt of the china, we check each piece, and if everything is OK will pay you by bank transfer within 3 working days.
  • If the china arrives damaged or is not in the expected condition, we may revise or withdraw our offer and in this case will re-package the goods and make them available for collection.

Contact us to sell your china to us

If you would like to sell your discontinued china to us

Please send an e-mail

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