Collection: Dinner Plates

Vintage and antique replacement dinner plates

Beautiful, authentic vintage and antique china dinner plates from the Englands Staffordhsire potteries, spanning over two centuries of china manufacturing.

Traditional English Dinner plates range in size between 9.5-inches and 11-inches, but we would also like to encourage you to consider the slightly smaller 8-inch to 9.25-inch plates we list as Dessert or Salad plates from the same factories, which offer a great choice for light bites or the smaller portion sizes we are all being encouraged to adopt.

Our Dinner plate selection includes pieces from the leading Earthenware and Porcelain China producers. Were dinner plates are dishwasher and or microwave proof, we try to include this in the listing.

Browse our selection of genuine English vintage and antique dinner plates for sale. WE offer Worldwide shipping on replacement vintage and antique dinner plates.

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