Collection: Booths Real Old Willow China

Booths Old Willow

Booth's Real Old Willow china is a classic and timeless china pattern that has been popular among china collectors and blue and white china enthusiasts for generations. The pattern is characterized by a delicate blue willow design featuring a picturesque landscape with a bridge, a pagoda, a boat, and two birds. The intricate details and the elegant curves of the willow branches make this design truly unique and recognizable.

Booth's Real Old Willow China has a long and interesting history that dates back to the 18th century. It is said that the inspiration for the design came from a Chinese legend about two lovers who were transformed into doves to escape a tyrannical emperor. The pattern became popular in England during the early 19th century and was quickly adopted by many fine china manufacturers, including Booths.

Booths was founded in 1819 by William Booth, who opened a small pottery in Tunstall, Staffordshire. The company soon gained a reputation for producing high-quality ceramics, and by the mid-19th century, it was one of the leading manufacturers of fine china in England. Booths Real Old Willow China was one of the company's most successful china patterns and was produced in a variety of dinnerware forms, including plates, bowls, cups, and saucers, teapots and gravy boats

The Booths Real Old Willow pattern was produced in classic blue and white. The pattern is known for its excellent quality and durability, and many pieces have survived for over a century.