Collection: Paragon Belinda China

Paragon Belinda

Paragon Belinda is a now discontinued collection of fine bone china tableware made by the British company Paragon, formally the Star China Co, which later became part of the Royal Albert brand, under Royal Doulton group management. Later pieces (post 1966) of Belinda pattern were made with Royal Albert Paragon factory marks. The Belinda pattern collection was first introduced by Paragon in the 1950's and production continued until 1991. Paragon Belinda china is characterized by its delicate floral design, gilding on the rims and classic shapes, featuring vertical sides and fine ribbed rim detailing.

Each piece in the Belinda collection is crafted from high-quality bone china, a type of porcelain known for its translucency, durability, and strong resistance to chip and crack. The bone china material is made from a mixture of kaolin, feldspar, and bone ash, which is fired at high temperatures to create the final product.

The floral designs of the Belinda collection are intricate and eye-catching, with a mix of soft pastel colors and bolder brighter colours. Each piece is decorated with a pretty flower border, which creates a warm and inviting ambiance at the table.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, the Belinda collection is also highly functional. The ribbed edging and vertical sides of each piece offer a comfortable grip and make it easy to stack and store the tableware. Additionally, the high-quality bone china material makes it a practical choice for everyday use.

In conclusion, the Paragon Belinda collection is a beautiful and functional choice for anyone looking to add a touch of elegance to their table. With its delicate floral designs, classic shape, and high-quality bone china construction, this collection is sure to be a cherished addition to any home.