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Hi Mike. Thank you that would be good of you. Carol 30/06/22

Hi, Found your site by chance and ordered two plates which we are extremely pleased with, very well packaged too. Thank you. Geoff & Isabel Truscott 27/06/22


Hi Mike
Thank you so much for that information. It is really helpful and interesting, as it confirms that the tea service was a wedding gift for my late mother in 1936.  
Many thanks
Doreen  22/06/22


Thank you for your time looking at my photos Mike and I appreciate your advice.
Good luck with all your stock listing.
Kind regards 
Anna 17/06/22


Hi Mike

Thank you so much for that information. It is really helpful and interesting, as it confirms that the tea service was a wedding gift for my late mother in 1936.  
Many thanks
Doreen 17/06/22


I wanted to get a teapot that was a good match to a vintage pink rose and green china set I inherited. Yours was the nearest match

Emma 13/06/22 

Thanks Mike for the info. Appreciate your response.

Cheers Bob 10/06/22


Hi Mike,

Thanks ever so much for taking the time to reply.   It's really appreciated.   Having looked at it again, it is Gardena.  I've managed to find it now on Google.   (I was just sorting this for the Charity Shops and not sure about 'things').    Had items given in the past from relatives who  are no longer with us.

Kind regards and thank you.

Jots. 10/06/22

Hi Mike,
Many thanks for your email and for taking the time to let me know this, that is really helpful!
I’m currently using it to put fruit in…finding new uses for old things :-)
Thanks again,
Emma  08/06/22


Thank you so much!

SB 08/06/22

Excellent service.

PP 6/6/22

I found you in Google as I’m looking to replace a saucer from a set I’ve inherited from my late nanna (I believe I may have broken it as a child)

PH 5/6/22

Found you when doing a Google search for old cup and saucer. Could you put a note on the order, - Happy special Birthday Chris and happy anniversary to you both too! Love Shirl and Keith xx (Could you mention the date when the item was made, think it said 1945 to 1948.

SA 3/6/22

Previously bought side plates from you and impressed with quality and service

AM 1.06.22

Excellent service.

PP 30.5.22

Hello, I'm not a collector but hoped to find something special to celebrate the Jubilee with!

MR 30.5.22

Thanks very much Mike, your suggested replacement arrived today as well. All good.
Anton 30.05.22


Hi Mike
Thank you for the information about the saucer, I really appreciate you taking the time from your busy schedule to provide some information about my grandmothers little saucer.
thank you again. Jackie 25/05/22
Dear Mike,
Thank you very much for your email, for a speedy reply and the information. I shall have to look a bit closer for more detail .
Best regards Liz 21/05/22

Dear Mike , Thank you for your speedy response. I'm not sure I want to sell either of them but would love to know something about them and a value then my husband might appreciate them a bit more ! Kind regards, Liz 20/05/22
Thank you so much. My mother will be very pleased with this information. We appreciate your quick response.
Dianne 20/05/22



I have spent a ridiculous number of hours searching on the web, writing Limoges and other folks to no avail!
This is something to go on!
As there is wear and tear on the guilt, would 15 Euros for a tea cup seem a fair price?
(There are also the dinner plates, salad dishes, bowls and a few serving pieces....ugh!)
Again, can't thank you enough for your great assistance.
Best wishes,
Anita 16/05/22


Thanks so much for such a kind and helpful response!
Please find the attached pics for the set.
Best wishes,
and thanks so much again!
Nita 12/05/22


Thanks Mike for replying to my email. 
I should have included a picture of the base.  I don't know if it makes a difference?
Thanks for confirming that it isn't a collectible.
Regards  Susan Woodrow 04/05/22


Thank you, that's very helpful! Thanks for taking the time to respond.
Best wishes,
Abigail 03/05/22


Hello Mike
Thanks for the very helpful info.
Francis 27/04.22


Thank you very much for your help
Sharon 25/04/22


Thank you SO MUCH for responding. 
Kindly, Faida 25/04/22


Prompt delivery and safe packaging.
BK 22/4/22


Hi Mike
Thank you so much for your reply. Please keep an eye out for me. 
I will see if I can source here in Aus and even perhaps South Africa.
Kind regards 
Ria. SA. 21/04/22


Thanks Mike, I appreciate your time and the input. I have been looking on eBay, as well.  I will keep my eye open and am willing to piecemeal the various sets.

John 21/04/22

Found your site when I looked on Google for bud vases.

RK 11/4/22

I took a picture of my plate using google lens and once the plate was identified your business came up. Wish you had another plate or two.

MC 9/4/22

So beautiful,just as described, sent question to seller and they responded quickly, for an overseas item it arrived so quickly and was packed very well, we have 6 place settings of this beautiful antique pattern and this soupiere is the highlight,

SH 28/3/22

Found site through an internet search. Love the ethos of your business. Website user friendly & easy to find what I was looking for.

LW 23/3/22 

Hi Mike

Wow, can’t believe I have something 134 years old! 
Many thanks for your help and knowledge. 
Kind regards 
Sara Rose 


Fantastic service, thank you so much

SP 17/3/22 


AM 15/3/22

All good, thanks.

CH 14/3/22

The Summer Chintz Jug is beautiful and arrived in excellent condition and next day delivery. Thank you so much.

MG 12/3/22 

Hi Mike
Wow, can’t believe I have something 134 years old! 
Many thanks for your help and knowledge. 
Kind regards 
Sara Rose  10/03/22


I just wanted to let you know I had received my replacement china and to say thank you.  You have gone above and beyond to fulfil your customer service obligations regarding the hiccups with the delivery. Thank you. Please feel free to add this to your review on the website.
Kind regards.  Emem. 01/03/22


Thanks for your swift response and your valuable information,it was very kind of you!
I love them and don’t intend selling them at present,but,if I do I the future,would you be interested in buying them? I know you are not buying anything at the moment though!
I am going through boxes of china and glassware that were in my Aunts attic, so may need some advice on other things at some stage as you are so knowledgeable!
Many thanks once again.
Kind regards
Deborah  23/02/22


Muchas gracias
BEST regates
El mié., 23 de febrero de 2022


Hello Mike,
Thank you for responding with the information so quickly.  Unfortunately, it’s not the news I wanted to hear but I appreciate your honesty and frankness.
My grandparents were so dear to me and the service carries  a lot of sentimental value.  Completing it HAS been a life-long mission!  I was hoping I could complete it in time to pass it on to my daughters some day.  
Again, thank you so much for the info, I will continue my searching and if you could save my email should you stumble across any pieces I would be so grateful.
Thank you again and take care.
Colleen Garner 21/02/22


Hello Mike,
Thanks so much for getting back to me, thats really interesting and helpful.
Much appreciated,
Nicola 21/02/22


Hallo  Thank you
My uncle bought it in the 1920s and I am trying to find more pieces. It (Hindostan Minton & Hollins) seems to be very rare ( as you say). But it must have been for sale in the UK as it is in the catalogue from Minton and Hollins?  It is very risky to send from the US. I live in Sweden. 
Kind  regards Ingegerd 21/02/22


Thanks Mike, I appreciate the information. Cheers.
Mike 21/02/22


Thanks so much for your brilliant customer service.

Emen 13/02/22

Hi Mike, they just arrived, safe and sound and I am very pleased with them. Thank you very much indeed. Kind regards, Alan

Hi Mike   

My thanks for your reply and suggestions.

Kind regards.  Dave 04/02/22

Thank you Mike.  I will keep my fingers crossed that some pieces turn up. R

Linda 04/02/22

Excellent service.

Nick 31/01/22

Thank you for your reply Mike, I appreciate your time
Louise 29/01/22

Thank you for your reply Mike, I appreciate your time. I didn’t really think the plate would result in me having a life of luxury, but I attach two photos for you to look at. If they become too big for one email, I’ll send them separately. Louise 26/01/22

Hi Mike thank you for coming back to me. They are all the same flower design, not sure how old they would be but the colours are still bright. Look as though they are hand painted. Take care Carol 22/01/22

Hi Carol, these are Copeland Spode pattern 4060 English Ironstone Soup Bowls 4060 is an un-recorded version of Bang Up 2886 first produced in 1830 You may enjoy this page

Thank you so much Mike for the info. They are in good condition but look old and when you look at the flowers they are slightly different. No other marking just 4060.
Karin had a large collection of porcelain, she lived in Ceylon after the second world war, with her husband who run a tea plantation.
Karin’s niece gave me  the dishes when they were clearing the house, so it is really nice knowing more about them. I was frightened to use them just in case I broke one, but you are right, ideal for pasta. I will use them and raise a glass to Karin and remember her with love.
Take care and thank you for taking time researching the plates for me.
Carol 24/01/22
Many thanks Mike. 
The delightful Yuan plate has arrived and looks excellent. It was securely packed and arrived on time. Vintage Farmhouse Antiques provided an excellent service which I would recommend to anyone. 
Many thanks 
Nick 19/01/22


 Hello Mike, as per our email exchange I've bought all four, many thanks. I will send you another email, but I will be on holiday from this Saturday for nine days so can you delay in sending them out to me please.

Thanks, Alan 18/1/22


Great, many thanks for your help here. Kind regards, 
Alan 18/01/22

Thanks Mike. Obviously I don’t know a lot about it so it’s great to have some background and know the period.
Many thanks again. 
Deanne Australia 18/01/22
Order received, they are really pretty
Charles 16/01/22


Hi Mike,
Thanks for your advice, much appreciated. And the watch list sounds good,  thanks. I'll keep looking. 
Kind regards 
Helen. 13/01/22


What I ordered yesterday was ordered at the address of the UK delivery agency. I will send an e-mail first to see if the next order can be shipped to Korea. Thank you.

OH South Korea 11/01/22


Great, thank you Mike

NB 11/01/22


Thank you for your call and email ,I know this time you could not help me I will remember you my wife loves vintage things and I love your web site I hope I can use you in the future

David 10/01/22

Ok thanks Mike. If you do find any Solion plates keep me in mind. Regards Phil 10.01.22

Hi Mike,

That's great! Thanks for excellent service.
ES 06/01/22


Excellent service came really quick the product was just what l wanted packing was really good so it was safe to post. 

GB 31/12/21  

Hello Mike
Thank you for the soup plates, arrived safely today, beautifully packed and no damage. We are simply delighted with them and already know they will provide hours of enjoyable dining!
Thank you so much for the excellent service. 
Best wishes 
Dr Marie C-B 14/12/21


Quickly and safely delivered.

GR  8/12/21

Hello MIke,

Just to let you know our two platters arrived safely this morning.We are delighted with the quality and also the speedy service.
Very many thanks,
Mary 1/12/21


Very pleased with Mike's prompt response to my query. The plate I wanted was out of stock (website needs updating) but I found an alternative and it arrived as described and well packaged. Would recommend Vintage Farmhouse Antiques.
Sue & Peter 16/11/21


Arrived safely...many thanks...look forward to surprise email with more stock!
Paul 16/11/21


Good afternoon and many thanks for your speedy reply. Much appreciated. Thank you for explaining how rare these are (we have ordered the only one you have) but please do put me on the list in case any more large dinner plates come up!
And enjoyed the video as well
Paul 13/11/21


Many thanks for quick delivery of enchantment pieces.
We are now looking for the items below with little success
they are Royal Imperial.We have been sorting through our late mother's china in order to share it between our 5 daughters and need these pieces to complete our task!!

Can you help at all?

Sue 11/11/21

Mike was very friendly and knowledgeable and replied to my query promptly.

PR 9/11/21

Thank you so much Mike for getting back to me.

Once again, thank you for your help.
Kind regards
Debbie 09/11/21

Hi Mike

My mother in law collected  this set - she would  have been married in the last 1930’s. I have a lot of it and  it was in atic for several years. She did replace  some with ’The Bible’  pattern.
I’m going to use the original set again.
You have been very helpful  thank you so much.
Kind Regards
Mary 29/10/21


Hi Mike,
Thank you so much for getting back to me. I've looked over all of the pieces and I have found appears to be a number 10 and/or OK which is in green on the back of most pieces. Again, many thanks for your help.
Wendy 27/10/21


Mike was very friendly and knowledgeable and replied to my query promptly.

PR 14/10/21


Dear Mike
Many thanks for your very helpful response.
Mark 11/10/21


Good Morning Mike

Thank you so much for your kind reply!
I'd been unsuccessful in finding any information online at all, so that is very helpful! Thank you!
With the kindest of regards, 
Nicola 05/10/21


Good morning Mike
Oh blimey better wrap it in tissue paper then! 
I also forgot to send you the measurements 🙈
Kindest regards and Thankyou for your help 
Amanda 01/10/21


Good afternoon Mike

Thank you for your reply, much appreciated.

If you are able to identify it, fabulous. Equally if you could direct me to any particular sites that I can search myself I would be very grateful - I have no idea where to start looking.
Thanks again for your help
Lucy 29/09/21


Dear Mike The two plates arrived safely today and I am so delighted to have them. I will certainly be browsing again soon.
Meredith 27/09/21


Hi Mike, Thanks for your help, it’s really appreciated!

Best,  Jill 27/09/21


Thanks for your reply Mike. I had a suspicion it was on your old site but you can never tell. If you do ever come across one it would be great to hear.

Many thanks
Jane 27/09/21


Thank you so much I couldn’t get any information online. I bought them for €3 each in a charity shop.That’s great to know.
Louise  23/09/21


Thank you for your help

JD 16/09/21


Hi Mike, Thanks so much that explains it! Thanks also for the tip on searching. Your time is really appreciated in helping me out. Thank you so much.
Jill. 09/09/21


Thank you Mike
Very much appreciated

John. 06/09/21

Thank you for prompt and careful delivery of my lovely plates!

AF 1/9/21 

Hi, Panic over my neighbour had taken in the package and brought it round last night. Thanks for everything. 
Rgds Lee. 27/08/21


Hi Mike
Thanks so much for your kindness, you have certainly brightened up my day!
Lucinda 25/08/21


Dear Mike 
Thank you so much for your reply. Yes it is a bit of a mystery. I didn’t think it was worth much but I like it.
Have a good day sir.
Yours. Mark 18/08/21


Dear Mike,
Thank you for your email. I have now received the goods. 
Thank you very much.
Karen 18/08/21


Thank you so much for this helpful information!
All the best to you and yours. 
Sincerely, James 18/08/21


Hi Mike
Thanks so much for your reply, yes I agree it will be a lifelong search without the pattern number! It has been a while already.
Kind regards
Katrina 12/08/21


I received the plate today and just wanted to tell you how beautiful it is - thank you. If you get any more of these Savoy plates from Burton on Trent let me know as I’d love to build a set. 
Kate 10/08/21
Thank you for prompt and careful delivery of my lovely plates!
Alice 9/08/21


Hi Mike,
That's great - much appreciated.
Thanks and regards,
Adrian 21/07/21


Good morning

I have been left some China by a neighbour of mine and I was just wondering what it is and something about it please
Many thanks in advance  - pictures enclosed
Clare  20/07/21


Hi Mike
Thanks very much for responding and I really appreciate your help with my enquire.  I’ll also leave good feedback on your website.
Many thanks
Rohini  19/07/21


Hello Mike, 
Thank you for taking the time to reply to me and clearing up the mystery about the Colclough.
Kind regards
Naomi  13/07/21

UpTown Junk Poole 20/6/21 via Google

My tea cup has just arrived in perfect order, thank you.
Sally via Google 14/6/21

 Hello Mike. Thank you for all your trouble, I have just completed the order and paid for the two trinket dishes, I look forward to receiving them

Kind regards
Sheila 03/06/21


Hi , just to let you know the teapot has arrived. It’s in beautiful condition & will compliment my mother-in-law’s tea service bought in 1949. Hope to hear from you soon

Kind regards Sue 26/05/21


Thanks so much for your reply.  I appreciate it.  I’m sure it will come soon , and thankyou for shipping to Michigan - just was hoping it wasn’t lost.  Looks like it will be here soon. Thanks for all your time and trouble.  Have a great day!

Sincerely, Nancy 26/05/21


Hi Mike  Many thanks for the advice, most appreciated and if you ever come across a 6877 tea cup (I just need the one to replace a cracked one) and remember this conversation or even come across the illusive tea pot that really would be appreciated.

Thanks Marie  21/05/21


Thank you very much!  I’m in the US and have had this for years, I have the entire set.   Maybe I’ll look at some of other pieces for hand written things.    I’ll keep searching😊  I appreciate your help! Thank you, Jen 19/05/21 


My wife collects bone china teacup sets. I have a Colclough set that I wasn't able to identify on the internet and sent a request to Vintage Farmhouse Antiques. Within a day, Mike answered my questions completely and thoroughly, although I live in the US. That is what customer service is all about. I recommend them highly!  DD 11/5/21

Lovely friendly business with a genuine love of collecting and preserving antiques. Hoping I can visit in person soon LB 10/5/21


Dear Mike, Today I collected my order of 6 Royal Doulton Hamilton cake plates. Thanks for your careful packaging, the plates arrived in perfect order !

Marie-Louise B. IRELAND. 08/05/21


Dear Mike, Thank you very much for your quick and kind response and the information given. Much appreciated!

Best regards, 

Pavlina 06/05/21


Hi Mike,

Thank you for this information I am glad you like my platter. Can you keep an eye out for my pattern? Do you do that? I am particularly seeking soup plates, desert bowls and sandwich plates.  And things that would match.

Alison 27/04/21 Toronto, Canada



Arrived today in perfect condition, see photo. The tea towel mat below the cups I picked up at a Sussex windmill in 2003 during a trip
Many thanks,
Rob  23/4/21 Australia

Dear Mike,

All arrived; I love the two Coalport tea cups, and the saucers are perfect with them. Thank you. If you ever run across exactly same pattern Coalport but in the larger coffee cups, I would be interested in them as well. I'm too fed up with Google these days to leave a review with them, but will gladly leave a good one if you have another platform for reviews. Very best wishes,

Molly 19/04/21


Excellent service, item arrived quickly, well packed and I would recommend

GJ 7/4/21 via Google


Oh wow, Mike!!! That is fantastic news. Thank you..

Allena 05/04/21


Hello Mike

Thank you so much for this email and your previous email.  The excellent customer service is really very much appreciated.

Marie 26/3/21


I bought some lovely old plates to display in the kitchen of my new house. They arrived today, beautifully and securely packed and I am SO pleased with them. I can feel that Mike and Kate have a real love for their collection and the pictures on the website give an excellent representation. A real find if you love old china! Thank you!  

RT 23/3/21 VIA Google my business


Hi Mike,

Thanks for the personal touch.
I'd say this is one of the best personalized customer service I've received in a long time. I was absolutely delighted with my first purchase and came back for more!
Kind regards
Emem 14/3/21


Product delivered safely and as advertised.

LN 1/3/21 via Google 

Beautiful milk jug, which completes the tea set my mother was gifted, for her wedding - in the late 70s.

AY  22/2/21 via Google


The China I bought was packed really well and arrived in Sydney in perfect condition. Mike was very helpful with the whole order.

BO 22/2/21 via Google


Hi Mike,

As you can see the blue and white China arrived this afternoon.

Thank you for wrapping it so well. It has arrived intact, no damage at all. We are thrilled with it and are going to put it on our wall. Once again thanks for taking so much time and effort with this shipment. I’ll keep watching your site for any more blue and white, but alert me if possible if you get anything we might be interested in.

Best Regards Barbara 19/02/21 Australia


Hi Mike,
Thanks for the personal touch.
I'd say this is one of the best personalized customer service I've received in a long time. I was absolutely delighted with my first purchase and came back for more!
Will definitely leave a feedback.
Kind regards.  Emem 14/02/21
I Just wanted to say thank you for the excellent service .The items that I bought from you arrived quickly, safely and wrapped and packaged extremely well .I am very pleased with the plates, bowls and cup .They are indeed as described in mint condition.If you come across another bowl i would be grateful if you could advise me.  Thank you
Regards Pauline 09/02/21

Thank you so much for your quick reply Mike.  I'll have a closer look and measure up then come back to you. 

Many thanks again, Elizabeth 04/02/21


Thank you ,Mike.

The teacup has arrived and is perfect. Great service-l will recommend you.
Best wishes
Kathie  02/02/21

Very prompt delivery & packed very well. Just what I wanted. Thanks!

DA 21/1/21 

Hi Mike 

The box is arrived today, all is perfect and beautiful😍 the Churchill Plates are

 W O N D E R F U L oh my God 😍 beautifullll  
Giovanna 20/01/21  Italy

What a lovely response! Thanks Mike.

The value for us is of course who once owned it.
It was kind of you to respond so quickly.
John 20/01/21


You are fantastic - both of you.
Grith 20/01/21

Thanks so much for your helpful reply. I wondered if you could take a little look at these too..Lauren 18/01/21

Just the job, very fast delivery thank you a+++

CS 16/1/21

Very pleased with purchase and quick delivery


Hello Mike Yes my delivery came the very next day! Am very happy with it.

Thank you 

Hi Mike

Thank you so much for your time, expertise and assistance. I didn’t really think they would be worth much so that’s no surprise at all. I’ll give them to an elderly lady I know, she loves collecting all teacups 😃

Warm regards

Thank you so much for the prompt delivery of my Duchess bone china tea pot. I got my first piece of this set from my mother before she passed away and continued to collect the whole set. The only thing missing was the tea pot and I was giving up hope of ever finding one. I think Ive been searching for just over three years so imagine how happy I am to finally complete the set. Have a wonderful Christmas and thank you once again
Kind regards


Delighted with my ‘hard to find’ pink willow pattern plate. Excellent communication, prompt despatch and carefully packaged by Vintage Farmhouse Antiques. Thank you!

Jill 18/12/20 via Google


Thank you I received my order today. I had a look on your website and will be ordering more items.

Thank you  8/12/20


I have purchased several pieces of china from Vintage Farmhouse Antiques and loved all of them. Service is always excellent and my purchases arrived quickly and safely. The selection of items available on the website is fantastic and it was very easy to navigate and purchase. Thank you and I will definitely be purchasing again for myself or my clients!

J Stanley Interiors 4/12/20


My lovely plates arrived today and I love them so much! The colours are fantastic. If you ever get more in this set  will you let me know? Thank you ! x

JS 30/11/20 via Instagram message


My fist vintage crystal rose bowl . Gorgeous 

KB via instagram story 19/11/20


Beautiful! Amazingly quick despatch and a lesson in superb packing 😊

November 2020


Item exactly as advertised. Thank you.

CP November 2020


Super item-exactly as described. Fantastic service too!

DB 3/11/20


Gorgeous, high quality item! iVery pleased!

KD 23/10/20


Very many thanks. It arrived safely and is perfect. I’ll keep an eye on your website.

Helena 22/10/20


Hi Mike!

I just purchased the William Tonks desk tidy from you on eBay. Thank you very much!
I am also looking for the William Tonks bat wall sconces. If you ever come across any of these, could you contact me?

Kind Regards,
DF 22/10/20

Very pleased with product and service. Would buy from this seller again.

SA 1/10/20

Hi Mike,

Thanks so much – that’s really helpful to know so I can organise shipping.  Ah I love Blakeney (we were actually in Baconsthorpe so about 10 minutes outside of Holt)

I’ll be sure to use the website again, such a great find!  I’m so excited to use the china, I miss being able to just pop out to some of our lovely antique markets in Norfolk.  Many of the pieces of furniture are here with us now.

Katie 30/9/20

Hi Mike and Kate,
I received the candlesticks last week and they are beautiful—just as pictured. I used them for the first time on Monday night. While I was watching tv in an adjoining room, I heard a noise from the kitchen where we had placed the lit candles. The top rim of the candlestick (the area surrounding the base of candle) broke off and hit the kitchen table once the candle was nearly finished.

I am so upset because I truly loved the design and had hoped to have them for many years.
Were they cut glass or crystal? In either case, is it ok to let the candles burn to the end? I assumed they could take that amount of heat since that is what they were designed to do.

Is there any chance you have another pair or something similar?

Thank you,
Judy 29/9/20


Dear Mike and Kate,
Thank you so much. It was my pleasure to order from you. 

Many thanks, KW 29/9/20


Very pleased with product and service. Would buy from this seller again.

Antique 19th Century Eton College Brown & White China 14 inch Platter
Review received via our ebay store Vintage-Farmhouse-Antiques September 2020


Beautiful item excellent service
Colclough china Harlequin Ballet pale pink square side plate
Review received via our ebay store Vintage-Farmhouse-Antiques September 2020


Hi Mike, 

Thankyou for your reply I would appreciate if you would keep me in mind for yourself or any one you could maybe put me onto as needing the room to store them. I wish you all the best for the future of your business. 

Many Thanks,

yours sincerely Graham 19/9/20

Beautiful item excellent service September 2020

Fab service ! China is beautiful AP September 2020

The item arrived on time, well packaged and undamaged. HA 11/9/20

A perfect seller, considerate, generous thank you so much. FE 10/920

Thanks for all that Mike.  Its all done now.  I shall keep an eye on your shop because I realise there are lots of things I might want in the future.  All the best Judy 7/9/20

Hello Mike and Kate, I have been impressed by your great service. My first order I did as a trial and I was amazed with the speed with which it arrived. I am collecting Losol Ware Adam plates and if you did come across more of these I would love them. I am looking for 6 or 8. Thanks again for your great service, S P 4/9/20

Hi Mike and Kate
The bowls arrived safely and they are fab thanks. Please can you tell me whether all the plastic packaging is recyclable.?
Many thanks
Gabi 26/8/20

Thank you so much! Whatever it's monetary worth, it's priceless to me!  I appreciated your prompt reply and valued information.  Have a blessed day and thanks again! Melinda 16/8/20


Hi Mike, Thanks so much for your help. The number on some of the pieces seems to be 7787 I think, in gold but a bit smudged. My very best wishes, Carol 16/8/20

My order was beautiful! Everything arrived safely! Thanks for the quick shipping.
Take care,
Kendra 13/8/20

Thanks for you kind note and offer of a discount through last June! We will keep an eye out for goods on your website as the offerings suit out taste. Cheers,
Charlie 30/7/20

Dear Mike and Kate,

I hope you have been well since our last correspondence.
I would like to thank you again for your excellent service. I could not be more pleased with the Wedgwood Ivy House china. 
CC 29/7/20
Thank you very much for your prompt attention to my order. Excellent service and speedy deliver, all within 24 hours of ordering. The plate was exactly what I was looking for. I am impressed.
Yours sincerely
AP 24/7/20


Hi, thank you I received my order and love it! It almost completes my set. I have tried to look at the Colclough enchantment rose teapot but the link is broken

Thanks, Abi 6/7/20

Hello, Mike -
     I know it's been a very long time since your teapot got over here, safely.  I just wanted to write and tell you how pleased I am with it and the wonderful, kind, and helpful assistance you provided throughout the ordering process.  I ordered it around March 31, and it arrived around April 9.)
     I have had a bit of tea in it already, and every time I look at it, it reminds me of my mom, who introduced me to tea when I was in kindergarten in suburban Chicago, Illinois.  It's a beautiful teapot, with the deep green ivy leaves, and it's in our china cabinet right now.  Yes, I want to enjoy it, and I want to keep it safe.
     How is your business going, with the pandemic still going on?  Here in Virginia, we are about to go into Stage 3, which means that people may gather in groups of more than 10 - such as in grocery stores.  I don't think that's the final stage, but I'm glad that our state government is proceeding with caution.  We are thinking about going to my family's cottage in northern Wisconsin (near the state line with the upper peninsula of Michigan), and we're closely watching Wisconsin's pandemic statistics.  Our states of Florida, Texas, and California are pulling back on their allowed openings because they lifted some restrictions too fast, and now their virus cases are skyrocketing.
     I hope you and your family and friends are staying safe in this mess, and thank you again for that beautiful teapot and all of your help in getting it safely here.  When it is safe for you to travel, and if/when you come to the Washington, DC, area, please let us know:  we would love to get together with you for tea, coffee, and/or lunch or dinner.
Take care. Most sincerely,
AW 30/6/20


Dear Mike and Kate just wanted to say thank you for the beautiful pink teapot, I love it.

Kind regards Simone. Xx 26/6/20


Thank you very much for your email and the discount code. I’ll make sure I leave a review. 
Kind regards 
Michelle 19/6/20


Hi, delivery has arrived, thank you so much.
I inherited a set in that pattern and I am trying to build it up so please feel free to let me know if you have any others. I have seen the teapot but it’s a bit out of my price range. Would be interested in any colour of the same design
Many thanks 
Helen 16/6/20


Hi Mike,
Just to say how delighted I am with my order.
I have the tea set which belonged to my mum, promised my daughter in law she could borrow it for an afternoon tea she was doing on Sunday. I was horrified to find I only had 4 cups, so I was pleased to find 2 on your website. I didn’t actually think they would arrive for Sunday but they were here Saturday morning!!
Thank you from a grateful, happy customer.
Kind regards
J S 15/6/20


Hi Kathy,
Thank you for your kind help and brilliant service. I will do as you advise, and I'm sure everything will be fine. Again thank you very much.
Kind regards,
Sandie 8/6/20


Dear Mike and Kate,
Just a note to thank you for the brilliantly packaged Brandon-Cox print that arrived today, safe and sound. It has been a genuine pleasure to do business with you from start to finish and I will certainly visit your 'virtual' shop again and will happily recommend it to others. I wish you every success in these strange times!
Best regards
Duncan 3/6/20


Hi Mike

Thank you so much for your help on this and for sending me the links and for your help on this. Really useful and much appreciated.

Many thanks

Best wishes
Emily 27/5/20
Dear Mike and Kate,
Thanks a lot for your kind words.
It has been a pleasant experience and be sure that I will leave a  feedback, when I'm ready. :)
You have beautiful things, thank you for helping me find what I was looking for. 
Many greetings from
Maria 14/5/20


Hello Mike, 
I’ve received the plates in perfect condition.  Can you notify me if you find more of this pattern? Anxious to buy additional pieces!
Renée  13/5/20


Dear Vintage and Antiques,
Thank you so much. That is really kind! I love my 'new' china and am so pleased to have found your website. It must be wonderful to be able to bring so much happiness to people when they open one of your deliveries or look at your website - so many beautiful things! 
Stay safe.
Best wishes,
Tracey 28/4/20



Hi, just wanted to say thanks again (left feedback on ebay) but the service you offered was exceptional, especially in these difficult times and much appreciated.  In addition the tureen is a perfect match to my china (royal doulton Carlyle) without being the same, I am thrilled.

We will  recommend your services, thank you 


Carole 25/4/20


Hi Mike,

Teapot arrived safely about 11.30a.m.Only problem-getting rid of packing! Fortunately waste paper collection today
Regards, David 20/4/20
Hi Mike & Kate,
It was interesting to see a Chinoiserie Teapot of Ca.1810.I collect Mandarin pattern English Teapots.I have about 78,also 8 Coffee Pots,all pre 1800.It was just that your teapot was so reasonably priced, that I strayed from my date limit! I have Derby, Lowestoft, Liverpool, Worcester & Bow. An odd Badley-Littler. I would always be interested in anything you might find, though it is more & more difficult to find items.
Regards David 18/4/20


Dear Kate and Mike

My order arrived earlier in the week and I have been meaning to write and thank you but I seem to be overwhelmed by too many things to do! Thank you so much! The wicker basket is beautiful and in pristine condition just as you described and the teapot is gorgeous - I have a modern one so it is fun to notice the slight differences

Kind Regards  Nina 12/4/20


Dear Mike and Kate,
The "Eternal Beau" gravy boat and saucer arrived on Friday, and so I wanted to thank you for the prompt delivery and its immaculate condition. It was to replace one that belonged to my mum, which I had broken by accident, and she was very pleased with it!
With best wishes,
Andrew 7/4/20


Hi Mike,  sorry no google account,  but we very much appreciate your help, would give 5 star rating if possible, we are so pleased to replace these items as my wife bought this teaset 60 years ago in Cardiff,

Kind Regards  Len 21/3/20


Thank you! I look forward to receiving my lovely new teapot.


Claire 11/1/20


Fast delivery and well packed. A+++++++++++++



Lovely item, super condition, well packed, very pleased thanks

December 2019


Thank you. Best wishes, Emily December 2019


Amazingly fast. Ordered on Wednesday night, on my doorstep Friday afternoon!

November 2019


Many thanks. Guy September 2018


Extremely professional seller, incredibly helpful, great service. Thank you!


Flawless , excellent communicator , super packaging A ++++++++++++


Arrive in time and in good condition. Very well wrapped. Thank you


Very prompt service thank you.


Very nice indeed. Well packed - prompt delivery - easy to recommend!


Lovely item. Amazing packaging and delivery.


Super fast delivery, well wrapped, excellent customer service. Many thanks.


''Hi all! Mike has been a pleasure to buy from! My purchase arrived packaged perfectly and in NZ when expected! All 12 bowls in perfect condition unbroken and as listed! I am very happy to recommend !😀😀👍'' received via Facebook from Graeme Sept 2019


'Thank you for the plates which arrived safely today'' received by e-mail ER September 2019


"The shipment arrived yesterday beautifully packed and in great condition. Thank you very much indeed. Good couriers too - they left it safely in the garage with a note through the door"  With Thanks Jane


"The fabulous lamp has arrived safe and well. Positive feedback left. Thanks for everything.
Kind regards  Elly" 


"Hello  -  the cup and saucer were delivered on Friday. Many thanks for the careful way they were packaged. regards  S J "


" Hi Kate, 
Just opened the package, I love it.
Thank you so much