Collection: Tureens

Vintage and antique vegetable and soup tureens and soupieres

Browse our selection of genuine English and French vintage tureens and antique tureens which would have been used to serve vegetables or soup. A soup tureen is also known as a Soupiere (French for soup tureen).

A tureen is a large, deep, and usually round or oval bowl with two handles and a lid, designed for serving soups, stews, or other liquid-based dishes at the table. Tureens are often made of ceramic, porcelain, glass, or metal, and they come in various sizes and decorative styles. The lid helps to retain heat and flavors in the dish being served. Tureens are commonly used in formal dining settings and are a classic piece of tableware associated with serving communal or family-style meals.

Many of these vintage serving dishes and antique serving dishes have lids and some of the 0older ones may also have a large saucer that goes under the dish to catch spills or drips. They would have been used in large houses for formal dining. 

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