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Royal Albert Moss Rose

Moss Rose is one of the very popular Royal Albert floral bone china patterns produced mainly in the 20th Century between 1947 and 2001. The Moss Rose pattern changed little over the long period of production and the Montrose shape was used throughout the production for teawares and dinner sets.

Bone china moss rose pattern royal albert china

Royal Albert Moss Rose is a popular and timeless bone china pattern produced by the Royal Albert brand. The Moss Rose china pattern features delicate pink roses and green leaves with gold trim on a white background. It is known for its elegant and classic design, making it a favourite choice for fine china dinnerware and tea sets.

Royal Albert is renowned for its high-quality bone china products, and the Moss Rose china pattern has been a beloved choice among collectors and those who appreciate fine tableware. This bone china pattern has been in production for many years and is often associated with traditional and vintage table settings. It includes a range of pieces, including teacups, saucers, dinner plates, salad plates, soup bowls, teapots, sugar bowls, milk jugs, cake plates, serving dishes, and more. The teawares were particularly popular. 

Royal Albert Moss Rose pattern

The Royal Albert Moss Rose pattern is a pleasing combination of elegance and timelessness. The delicate pink roses, complemented by intricate gold trim on the Montrose shape, exude an aura of beauty and sophistication.  Whether used for an elaborate formal dinner or a delightful afternoon tea, the Royal Albert Moss Rose china pattern will forever be cherished for its enduring beauty and classic English floral china design.

The Moss Rose pattern is considered a classic and enduring Royal Albert bone china design, and it is often sought after by collectors and individuals who enjoy hosting formal tea parties or special occasions. It has a timeless charm and is recognised for its beauty and craftsmanship. As it is now out of production, it is one of the rarer Royal Albert floral china patterns, and so prices are increasing as high-quality pieces become less readily available.

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