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Pembroke china by Aynsley

Aynsley Pembroke China refers to a line of fine bone china produced by Aynsley China Ltd., a British manufacturer of porcelain and bone china tableware. The Pembroke pattern is one of their well-known designs, featuring delicate floral motifs typically in shades of blue, with intricate gold accents. Aynsley China Ltd. has been known for its high-quality craftsmanship and elegant designs since its establishment in 1775. The Pembroke pattern, like many of Aynsley's designs, is often sought after by collectors and enthusiasts of fine china.

Aynsley Pembroke china pattern features:

  • Oriental inspired motif of a bird sitting on a branch with flowers and leaves. 
  • Fine bone china
  • Edged in gold along the rims

Labeled on under side:

  • Fine Bone China

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