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We are one of the largest replacement china companies in the UK. You can buy top quality vintage and antique replacement china online from us. We offer worldwide shipping.

Are you looking for replacement china to replace missing or broken pieces of a china set, typically a fine bone china or porcelain set?

Have you inherited or acquired a china set that has missing pieces due to breakage or loss over time?

Then let us help you replace your missing vintage china or antique china. Buying replacement china allows you to complete your set and maintain its value and aesthetic appeal, so that it can be enjoyed for many more years.

Vintage Farmhouse Antiques is a top quality china replacement service

We are a leading vintage and antique china replacement company in the UK, and we stock an extensive range of the best top quality replacement china including the most popular manufacturers of fine china including Royal Doulton, which has been producing high-quality porcelain and bone china since the 19th century. Other notable china manufacturers in stock include Wedgwood, Spode, and Minton. These companies have produced a wide range of china patterns, including Royal Albert China many of which have become highly sought after by collectors.

When it comes to replacement china, collectors and enthusiasts turn to specialised replacement china retailers such as Vintage and Antiques, as we offer a wide selection of replacement china pieces from various manufacturers and patterns. We have a large stock of discontinued patterns and are able to source specific pieces of discontinued and hard to find china patterns.

Collectors and enthusiasts of replacement china often appreciate the historical and cultural significance of fine china. For example, some china patterns may reflect the fashion, design, and social trends of a particular era, making them a valuable piece of history. Others may have sentimental value, having been passed down through generations of a family.

As established second hand china dealers in the UK, we always have lots of top quality replacement china in stock, so if you break a piece of vintage or antique china, you can quickly replace you china with a matching piece of china. We also have lots of discontinued dinnerware in stock on our website from the 70's, 80's and 90's and even some more modern discontinued china patterns from well known English china and and ironstone makers.

How do I find my china pattern?

Finding replacement china is very easy on our website. To find any replacement china use the live search facility on our website, if you know the name of the replacement china, the china manufacturer or maker, or the china pattern that you are looking for you can search for your replacement china using any one or all three of these.

If you only know the name of the china manufacturer of the china that you are looking to replace, then you can either use the search or go into the drop down menu, as we have sorted the china by factory and maker. 

How do I find my replacement china if I do not know the china name , the china factory or maker or the china pattern?

if you do not know any of these then it is worth doing an image search on google to find the name of the replacement china that you are looking for. To narrow the search use descriptive terms such as floral china, blue and white china, ironstone china etc.

There is a good chance you will be able to find an image that matches your replacement china pattern, and from there you will usually be able to get the name of the china, the china pattern or at least the china maker.

Can you help me find my replacement china?

If you are unable to locate your replacement china that you are looking for, we are happy to help you. If you need any help finding the replacement china that you are looking for on our website using the search and drop down menus, then send us an email with the information that you do have about the china that you are looking to replace, plus a picture of the discontinued china and the china mark if there is one (usually on the rear of the piece of china that you have)

We have extensive knowledge of vintage china and antique china and china collections, and so there is a good chance we may recognise the china pattern or china mark and be able to guide you as to whether we have the replacement china in the china pattern that you require in stock in our warehouse.

We also have a large amount of replacement china and discontinued china in stock, that has not yet been listed on this website so it is always worth sending us an e-mail or a photo as we may have the china you are looking to replace in stock awaiting listing.

What if you don't have the replacement china in stock?

We are one of the larger china replacement companies in the UK now. We specialise in top quality second hand vintage and antique English replacement china which we ship worldwide, and we always have lots of stock awaiting listing. If we do not have the discontinued china that you are looking for, we may be able to find it for you. If we are unable to find it for you we will try to point you in the direction of other replacement china companies in the UK, who do have the china in stock.

Do you stock discontinued china?

We specialise in discontinued English china including vintage china and antique china. We also have more many more modern patterns of discontinued and current English china available for sale online.

Do you send replacement china outside of the UK?

We are one of the replacement china companies in the UK who do ship worldwide, and have been doing so successfully for many years. We pack our replacement china very carefully so that it arrives at its destination intact.

We ship replacement china in the UK and also worldwide, and are happy to send your replacement china outside of the UK. Smaller orders for replacement china going outside of the UK can be ordered directly through the website for international delivery.

Contact us for a shipping quote for large international orders of replacement china. 

Where to sell discontinued china

We buy as well as sell discontinued china, so if you have some china to sell, please do get in touch, as it may be of interest to us.

How do I sell my discontinued china?

  • Sell us your discontinued china
  • You can also sell your discontinued china through an auction site such as ebay or etsy and either post it (make sure you wrap it well) or arrange for buyers to collect it.
  • You can also sell your china through your local auction house.
  • Facebook marketplace is another place that you can sell your china, and usually buyers will be local to you, so you do not need to post it. 
  • Approach local antique dealers or antique centres, and they may be willing to buy your discontinued china from you. 

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