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China replacement service

  • To find replacement china use the live search facility on our website, if you know the name of the replacement china that you are looking for.
  • If you only know the name of the china manufacturer of the china that you are looking to replace, then you can either use the search or go into the drop down menu as we have sorted the china by factory and maker. 

Can you help me find my china?

If you are unable to locate your replacement china that you are looking for, we are happy to help you. If you need any help finding the replacement china that you are looking for on our website on this website using the search and drop down menus, then send us an email with the information that you do have about the china that you are looking to replace, plus a picture of the discontinued china and the china mark if there is one (usually on the rear of the piece of china that you have)

We have extensive knowledge and china collections, and so there is a good chance we may recognise the china pattern or china mark and be able to guide you as to whether we have the china pattern in stock.

We also have a large amount of replacement china and discontinued china in stock, that has not yet been listed on this website so it is always worth sending us an e-mail or a photo as we have the china in stock awaiting listing.

China replacement companies

We are one of the larger china replacement companies in the UK now. We specialise in top quality second hand vintage and antique English replacement china which we ship worldwide.

If we do not have the discontinued china that you are looking for, we may be able to find it for you. If we are unable to find it for you we will try to point you in the direction of another china replacement company in the UK, who do have the china in stock.

Discontinued china

We specialise in discontinued English china including vintage china and antique china. We also have more modern patterns of discontinued and current English china available for sale online.

Do you send replacement china outside of the UK?

We are one of the replacement china companies in the UK who do ship worldwide, and have been doing so successfully for many years. We pack our replacement china very carefully so that it arrives at its destination intact.

We ship replacement china in the UK and also worldwide, and are happy to send your replacement china outside of the UK. Smaller orders for replacement china going outside of the UK can be ordered directly through the website for international delivery.

Contact us for a shipping quote for large international orders of replacement china. 

Where to sell discontinued china

We buy as well as sell discontinued china so if you have some china to seel please do get in touch

How do I sell my discontinued china?