Collection: Royal Albert Haworth China

Royal Albert Haworth China was designed by Peter Roberts and manufactured in England at the St Marys Works Longton. First introduced to the Royal Albert catalog in the late 1970s. Haworth pattern was Copyrighted by Royal Albert in 1982 Production of Haworth finally ceased in 1997 although production was limited after 1986 During the period Haworth was being produced, Royal Albert was a Royal Doulton run company part of the larger Pearson Group.

Royal Albert Haworth China features a delicate floral design with white and green flowers and foliage on white porcelain. While the Haworth pattern design was modern, the Haworth mold shapes were more retrospective. Haworth was made in full dinner and tea ware ranges in a very detailed and styalised mold design with the flat ware based on the earlier Sheraton (Louis XIV Shape) plate shape design. Haworth China Teapots, milk jugs and sugar bowls are oblong and footed, harking back to 18th and 19th Century English shapes of Spode and Derby.

Royal Albert Haworth is increasingly popular amongst Royal Albert enthusiasts and collectors. Haworth is harder to find than Royal Ablert Old Country Roses, Royal Albert Lavender Rose or Royal Albert Moss Rose, but it is still possible to put workable collections together. The hardest pieces to find are the large Teapots, few of which have survived.

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