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Masons Ashlea Brown China for sale

Masons manufactured Ashlea china in a brown and cream design during the late 1940s and 1950s. Ashlea china characteristically has permanent detergent-proof decoration brown factory marks typical of Mason's 1950's china factory stamps. Most pieces also have the name Ashlea and made in England.

Mason Ashlea china pattern

  • Cream Ironstone china 
  • The rims and border decoration comprises thousands of tine fleur de lys and dots in brown

Masons pottery

Mason's is a renowned English pottery company founded in 1813, known, principally for its exquisite ironstone transfer decorated china. Their mastery of transferware, a technique for detailed design transfer onto ceramics, has produced iconic patterns such as "Mandarin," "Vista," and "Regency," often inspired by Chinese and Asian art. Mason's played a crucial role in popularising ironstone china, a durable and affordable material that made fine china accessible to a broader audience. Mason's china is highly collectible, with vintage pieces varying in value based on factors like rarity and condition. The brand's rich history and artistic craftsmanship continue to captivate collectors and enthusiasts alike.

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