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Copeland Spode Peplow gravy boat

Copeland Spode Peplow gravy boat

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Vintage Copeland Spode's Peplow gravy jug

  • Beautiful rare English china gravy boat
  • Manufactured by Copeland Spode 1910-1939 not date stamped
  • Spode's Peplow design.
  • Retailed through Harrods marked as exclusive design
  • Central floral scene with rim decorated with floral garlands
  • 7.75 inch length
  • Antique patina but very bright colour and glaze.
  • All solid usable condition.

Peplow pattern is based on an old Spode design and was first introduced around 1910. The pattern was exclusive to Harrods until about 1939. Variations of the pattern were produced up until 1963. Older pieces in good condition are now rare.

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