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Copeland Spode Eden Pattern Rimmed Soup Bowl

Copeland Spode Eden Pattern Rimmed Soup Bowl

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Vintage 1980s Copeland Spode's Eden S2655 Rd 615911 Rimmed English Soup Bowl.

  • Beautiful rare English rimmed soup bowl
  • Manufactured by Copeland Spode 1980s
  • Spode's Eden design. Rd 615911 and S2655
  • Late modern Spode factory Stamp with F suggesting 1981 production
  • 9-inch diameter and 1.5-inch tall at rims
  • These are later production Eden without the earlier brown rim detailing
  • All very bright colour and glaze.
  • Price per Bowl

Eden pattern ihas been produced since the 19th Century. Older an mid century pieces had a brown rim while later pieces had plain white rim. Variations of the pattern were produced up until 1963. Older pieces in good condition are now rare. Eden mixes very well with Peplow and Chinese Rose pattern pieces.

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