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Antique Blue and White floral china Sauce Tureen

Antique Blue and White floral china Sauce Tureen

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Brown Westhead Moore & Co antique floral blue and white sauce tureen circa 1862-1890

  • 7-inch wide by 6.5-inch tall lidded sauce tureen in a classic round urn design with twin base handles and a central lid handle
  • Blue and white china transfer floral design of elderflowers and leaves with basket woven rim sections, called Ruskin pattern and latter produced under the Cauldon mark.
  • Manufactured by Brown Westhead Moore & Co factory Staffordshire late 19th century at Cauldon Place pottery, Hanley.
  • Good condition with amazingly clear and unmarked glaze, the only condition note on this piece is a small area of pitting in the glaze under the lid handle from the firing.
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