Alfred Meakin Royal Marigold China Teapot

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Lovely Royal Marigold Alfred Meakin China Teapot

  • Classic English design from the 1920s
  • Alfred Meakin Royal Marigold China Teapot in buttercream yellow with burnished gilt detail.
  • 1.5-pint teapot 5.5-inches tall and 8-inches wide
  • Original glaze buble at base of lid handle as shown and some glaze cracking with slight staining also shown, there is also 1 three point star crack in the wall of the pot with some coresponding staining on the outer wall, all are stable and the teapot is usable.
  • Alfred Meakin England Royal Marigols china stamp on base.
  • Very pretty, very English, Very 1920s
  • We are listing a large part tea and dinner service in Royal Marigold and will consider offers for the complete set.

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