Collection: Minton Haddon Hall China

Haddon Hall china pattern

Minton Haddon Hall china is a distinguished and well-known English china pattern produced by the Minton company in Staffordshire England. Here are some key details about Minton Haddon Hall china:

Pattern and design: The Haddon Hall china pattern is characterised by its exquisite floral design, featuring delicate flowers and intricate details. The inspiration for the floral motif comes from the flower pictures at Haddon Hall, a medieval manor house located in the Peak District of England.

Historical inspiration: Haddon Hall is one of the few surviving medieval manor houses in Derbyshire England and has a rich history dating back centuries. The designs for Minton Haddon Hall china are inspired by the tapestries and furnishings of Haddon Hall, some of which can be traced back to the 13th century.

Production period: Minton produced the Haddon Hall china pattern for over 60 years, contributing to its availability and popularity among Minton china collectors. The production span of this popular Minton china pattern provides a range of pieces with potential minor variations, adding to the charm and uniqueness of each item.

Distinctive features: One notable feature of Minton Haddon Hall china is its distinctive green edge or border, which complements the floral design and adds to the overall aesthetic appeal.

Collector's item: Minton Haddon Hall china is often sought after by collectors due to its historical inspiration, intricate design, and the reputation of Minton as a renowned ceramics manufacturer.

Variety of pieces: The Haddon Hall pattern is typically found on a variety of pieces, including dinner plates, tea sets, serving platters, and more. Complete sets or individual pieces may be available for collectors.

Market value: The value of Minton Haddon Hall china can vary based on factors such as the condition of the pieces, rarity, and market demand. Vintage and well-preserved sets may be more valuable among collectors.

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