Willow Pattern Blue & White Ironstone China

Willow Pattern Blue & White Ironstone China

Still perhaps one of the most instantly recognisable china patterns of all time, but with so many subtle variations and qualities. Blue Willow remains one of the most produced, and reproduced designs of the last 300 years, with most large china factories in the Staffordshire Ironstone region producing lines in the design at some period.

This square Ironstone serving dish, dates from the 1820's and is typical of the mass market demand for dinner wares in the growing English Empire, but not just here in England but the far reaches of the expanding Empire and Colonies and Ex Colonies and independent territories who's tastes still included European as well as Chinese china (which was becoming difficult to get due to the geo-political issues of the time) Giving the Staffordshire factories a commercial and supply chain advantage which they quickly took full advantage of, and expanded to fill.


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