vintage Colclough china patterns and names

Colclough china patterns and names

Can you tell me the name of my Colclough china pattern

Colclough china patterns vintage colchough china names

It's perhaps the commonest email request I get these days. "can you tell me the name of my Colclough china pattern"?


Unfortunately the answer to this question is mostly "Sorry ~ it does not have a name".

Only a handful of the early Colclough designs were ever assigned names, and most of these were not officially used by the factory, but have since been applied by collectors. An example of this is "Ditsy Rose", which is used synonymously accross a range of early Colclough china patterns featuring tight small pink rose buds scattered, usually on a white background.

During the period of management by Ridgeway Potteries, the Colclough pattern designs were reduced dramatically, and by the period of Doulton management only a few dozen china patterns remained in regular production.

Popular Colclough pattern names and numbers:

  • Amoretta 7906
  • Angela 8647
  • Avon 8656
  • Braganza 8454
  • Copelia 8378
  • Crispin 8198
  • Enchantment 7132
  • Fragrance 7433,
  • Harlequin 6667
  • Hedgerow 8682
  • Ivy Leaf 8143
  • Linden 8162
  • Rhapsody in Blue 8683
  • Royale 8525
  • Stardust 6791
  • Sedgley 8648
  • Stratford 8320
  • Thistle 7608, 
  • Wayside 8581

How to identify my Colclough china

If it's not one of the above listed Collcough patterns, then look for a 4 digit pattern ref no on the base, often hand written by the decorator. Don't confuse these with mold, lot or batch numbers which appear between the Bone China, and Colclough on Ridgway and later production pieces which combine letters and numbers. (H 86 2 on the above piece of Collcough Ivy Leaf pattern 8143)

If none of your Colclough china pieces have any ref numbers, then it's a matter of trawling, page by page through the Royal Albert pattern files online and attempting to make a match, but don't expect every one to be listed, the record is not complete and many designs were tweeked over the years of production so many close matches exist, but no perfect matches.

Its also worth mentioning that cup and plate shapes and sizes altered over the years, so if you are looking to match a piece of Colclough china for replacement, it's worth checking the shape and measurements before buying.

Browse our Colclough china patterns and names to help you identify your Colclough china

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6 piece tea service 6749 2 cup and saucer short vslue

Brian Bartlam

6 piece tea service short of 1cup and saucer no.6749 value

Brian Bartlam

Whant to know how much is my bone china cocloigh made in england worth 7140

Christiaan johannes Jordaan

I have a tea set ref 6699that was my grandmother’s.can you tell me the age and value please? Thank you.

Mary ulrico

Bone china colclough coffee service 6 piece with coffee can. Sugar and creamer How much is it worth?

Heidi webb

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