Spode china

Spode China

Spode Ironstone China

For over 250 years Spode Ironstone China has graced the tables of England and the far reaches of trade and commerce.

Spode emerged as the lead brand of the china company operated by Copeland and Garrett. New Japan Stone and New Stone were also used by the company but Late Spode dominated the production.

Spode china marks

Copeland Spode antique china mark

Many Spode pieces have multiple marks on the backs including Copeland impress marks, Spode and New Stone transfer stamps and date impress marks. this confuses a lot of buyers, but if you remember, factory, brand, sub-brand, date it all makes sense.

It was only as recently as 1970 that the branding was simplified to just "Spode" The last Spode production was on 2009

Antique Spode

Antique Spode china

I have a particular soft spot for the late 19th Century and early 20th Century New Stone Copeland Spode. There is something very special about the heavy richness of a Copeland glaze used during this period.

Copeland Spode China reflected the Victorians love of rich dark colours, and this china was very much made to decorate tables in an ornate and opulent fashion, and when not is table use, it would be displayed rather than just stored.

Copeland Spode antique china

The size of the pieces and the weight of the Ironstone, particularly the rimmed Engish soup dishes are wonderful. The quality of the Copeland transfer patterns are also stunning, every bit as good as Minton from the same period (also a love of mine)

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