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Replacement china

Let us assist you in replacing broken or damaged pieces of your treasured china sets. Finding replacement china pieces can be a complicated business especially if you require a date or condition matched piece of rare china to replace a breakage.

Many china patterns were manufactured over long periods and sometimes in different factories by the same or under an acquired brand.  It is not uncommon for the mould used to have changed slightly over time, leading to variations in the shape and size of some pieces. 

A bit about us and are china replacement company

We are replacement china experts with over 60 years of combined experience sourcing vintage china and antique china.

Mike grew up with his parents who were both avid china collectors and he has been going to antique auctions since he was 10 years old. Mike loves researching rare china patterns and finds it very satisfying sourcing replacement china.

Kate spent a lot of time with her grandmother as a child, who was as passionate about vintage china as Kate now is, and Kate has been collecting vintage and antique china and buying at auctions herself for over 30 years now.

Our personal china collections eventually became so enormous, that we decided about 10 years ago, to share our passion for vintage and antique china, and to start sourcing replacement china for others. As well as vintage china pattern we also have well high quality modern replacement china from well know English china factories like Worcester, Coalport, Royal Doulton, Wedgewood, Johnson Brothers, Royal Albert and Spode to name just a few.

How we can help you to source your replacement china

Using a china replacement specialist or china expert should help navigate these variations and avoid disappointing mismatches. You will see in our vintage and antique china collection listings we give detailed measurements and try to show the china factory marks to make a replacement china match easier.

If you don't see the exact piece of replacement china in our catalog, please feel free to email us with your requirements. We may not have it in stock, but we do have a network of china suppliers locally and will add it to our list of stock to source, with no commitment on your part.


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