Johnson Brothers Eternal Beau China History

Johnson Brothers Eternal Beau China History

Johnson Brothers Eternal Beau China Pattern

Johnson Brothers Eternal Beau history

Eternal Beau china has to be one of the most popular Johnson Brothers china patterns ever produced and is one of the iconic china patterns of the 1980's. The Eternal Beau china pattern was designed Sarina Mascheroni.

Eternal Beau earthenware was launched in 1981 and was part of Johnson Brothers Heritage range of stoneware china. Eternal Beau china was produced from 1981 right through until 2013 when it was discontinued and is the most popular earthenware range ever manufactured. It was possible to do your whole kitchen in Eternal Beau.

Eternal Beau was originally manufactured in the potteries in Staffordshire from 1981 to 2003. In 2003 the production of Johnson Brothers products and Eternal Beau was moved from England to China and around a 1000 jobs where lost in the UK and the Johnson Brothers  UK pottery works where sadly demolished in 2004 and The Eagle Works was demolished in 2005. Eternal Beau china produced in China has a different pottery mark that reads England 1883. Production of Eternal beau was discontinued in 2013 and all Johnson Brothers was discontinued in 2015.


Why was Johnson Brothers Eternal Beau china so popular 

One reason for the popularity of Eternal Beau is that as its is a glazed stoneware china, it is very robust in daily use, and yet has a traditional appeal.  It is also microwave and dishwasher safe and is still a good choice today if you are looking for a pretty dinner or tea service that you can pop in dishwasher, oven or microwave. Older bone china can be very fragile and requires hand washing, and will not stand up to daily use, but Eternal Beau was designed to be used. 

Due to its popularity Johnson Brothers produced lots of items in the Eternal Beau range including a full dinner service, a teaset, oven to tableware, kitchenalia, placemats, a clock, decorative items, cutlery, wine glasses and lots more homewares. It was even possible to get matching Eternal Beau table linen to go with your dinner service. 

For may young couples setting up house in the 1980's and 1990's Johnson Brothers Eternal Beau was their first set of china and was often given to them as a gift. It was widely available in boxed sets in department stores and some supermarkets.

The Eternal Beau china features a bow and ribbon motif and is a great choice for a vintage wedding.

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Eternal Beau that we have in stock is here

Mike Vintage Farmhouse Antiques

Здравствуйте! Я хочу приобрести этот сервиз. Какая цена?


Hi I have a complete set of Eternal Beau and wondering if there is anywhere I can sell it. Its unused and boxed up in a cupboard. Be nice for someone to get some use out of it.

Sharon Cole

Do you have an Eternal Beau Butterdish for sale?


Hi I wondered if you have an eternal beau bitter dish for sale & if so how much?

Samantha Leavey-kuhn

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