Johnson Bros His Majesty Turkey Platter

Vintage Johnson Brothers China His Majesty Platter

Vintage Johnson Brothers is avidly collected these days and it's becoming increasingly difficult to find pieces in really great condition, so it was a real treat to find this iconic piece in the same condition it was sold.

His Majesty is the iconic large Turkey platter in the Johnson Brothers catalog. This is a massive piece of Ironstone 20-inches wide and just under 16-inches tall and the condition is so good we think it has probably only been used for display.

Brown and white transfer ironstone with hand applied colour make this piece of Ironstone a real eye catcher. A great addition to any friendly village china flatware if you don't manage to find His Majesty matching plates.

his majesty johnson brothers china

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I have some pieces from thus collection that my grandmother is looking to sell: at least 12 plates and a large platter. We are going through her kitchen cabinets and may find more, very lightly used pieces to this great collection

Timothy Hughes

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