How to throw a bridgerton themed tea party

How To Throw A Bridgerton Tea Party

Throwing a Bridgerton-themed tea party is a delightful idea! To capture the elegance and opulence of the Regency era, selecting the right china teacups is crucial. Bridgerton, set in early 19th-century England, is all about luxury, refinement, and a touch of whimsy.

To help you we have put together a collection of china teacups that are either Regency period or regency style 

Here are some other china teacup options that would be perfect for your event:

1) Royal Albert

  • Pattern: Old Country Roses
  • Description: The Royal Albert Old Country Roses china pattern is iconic and evokes the romantic and opulent style of the Regency era. The rich floral designs and gold trim are reminiscent of the lavish settings in Bridgerton.
  • Why It Fits: The delicate floral patterns and vibrant colors are quintessentially English and fit well with the Bridgerton aesthetic.

2) Wedgwood

  • Pattern: Go for the harlequin collection (mixture of colours) 
  • Description: Wedgwood’s designs are timeless and elegant. The Harlequin Collection offers a variety of pastel colors and gilded details
  • Why It Fits: This china collection capture the sophistication and delicate beauty that would be seen in the Bridgerton households.

Royal Doulton

  • Pattern: Royal Gold
  • Description: The Royal Gold pattern offers an opulent look with rich golden accents.
  • Why It Fits: Royal Doulton's Royal Gold pieces are both refined and versatile, making them perfect for a Regency-themed tea party.


  • Pattern: Antique Spode Felspar 2721 Regency China,
    Spode Blue Italian
    or Spode Camilla
  • Description: Antique Spode Felspar 2721 is a genuine Regency period china with a very regal appearance of dark blue and gilding on white china. Blue Italian is a classic pattern with intricate blue-and-white designs, giving a nod to traditional English china. The Camilla pattern offers softer, more feminine designs.
  • Why they fit the theme: The intricate detailing and timeless appeal of Spode’s designs resonate with the era’s elegance and refinement.

Tips for selecting the best teacups for your Bridgerton theme:

  • Mix and match: You can mix different china patterns within a collection to create a more eclectic and visually interesting table.
  • Gold accents: Look for china designs with gold accents or trim to add a touch of luxury.
  • Floral and pastels: Floral patterns and pastel colors are highly indicative of Regency style and Bridgerton’s aesthetics.
  • Period authenticity: While genuine antique teacups from the early 1800s are hard to find, opting for more modern yet classic English designs will bring you close to the era’s feel.

Where to buy Regency style china for your Bridgerton style tea party:

  • Online retailers: Websites like ours who specialise in vintage and antique china offer a wide selection of these brands.
  • High-end department stores: Places like Harrods, Fortnum & Mason, or Bloomingdale’s often carry these high-quality brands.
  • Antique shops: For authentic antique pieces of regency china, explore local your antique shops and antique fairs.

Choosing any of these options will help transport your guests to the world of Bridgerton with every sip of their tea. Enjoy your tea party!

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