How Much Is My China Worth

How Much Is My China Worth?

 How Much Is My China Worth

How do I know if my china is worth anything?

If you would like us to value your china for you, we now have a vintage and antique china identification and valuation service here

How to value your china

To value your own china and know how much its worth, whether it's a set of china dishes or individual pieces, you can consider the following 6 steps: 

  1. Research similar items of china already available for sale: Start by researching similar vintage and antique china sets or individual pieces online. Look for patterns, designs, and brands that are similar to yours. Online marketplaces such as ebay and etsy, auction websites, and antique dealers can be good sources for this information.
  2. Assess the condition of your china: With vintage and antique china,and replacement china the condition that the china is in makes a huge difference to the value. Evaluate the condition of your china. Look for any cracks, chips, repairs and other signs of wear such as knife marks or damage toi the glaze or gilt from dishwasher use. The condition of the china can significantly impact its value. Mint condition pieces of china or sets of china in excellent condition are generally more valuable. 
  3. Identify the china maker and china pattern: Determine the manufacturer and pattern of your china. Look for any markings, stamps, or signatures on the bottom of the pieces. This information can help you identify the origin and potential value of your china, and possibly the artist if the piece of china was hand finished or painted. 
  4. Consult reference books or websites: There are numerous reference books and online resources dedicated to china and porcelain identification and valuation. Consult these resources to find more information about your specific china pattern, maker, and historical value. Bear in mind by the time the books are published, they may already be out of date so valuations may not be accurate or current, but the information should give you a useful starting point.
  5. Get a professional appraisal: If you have rare or valuable china, or if you want a more accurate valuation, consider consulting a professional appraiser who specialises in china and porcelain. They have expertise in assessing the value of such items based on various factors, including rarity, condition, and market demand. Your local auction house will usually give you a free valuation if you are thinking of selling your china through them. We now offer a china identification and china valuation service here
  6. Consider current market demand and trends: The value of vintage and antique china can fluctuate based on market demand, current interior fashion and interior trends. Some patterns or styles may be more sought after than others, affecting their value. Keep this in mind when determining the potential worth of your china. It may be worth holding onto items until they are on trend as the value will be higher at that time. 

Final thought

Remember that valuing china can be subjective, and prices can vary based on factors such as location and the specific buyer's preferences. If you wish to sell your china it is best to conduct thorough research and consider seeking multiple opinions, to get a better understanding of the potential value of your china.  

You may find this video guide with expert tips from Mike on how to value your china helpful 

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I have a square patterned dish with flowers and gold pattern.
On the reverse it says it is made by Allertons ltd and dated 1831. It has the numbers 4338 in gold lettering also. Could it be valuable?

Jenny Spence

Brand new Wedgewood Fine Bone China for sell. Pattern is Columbia Powder Blue/Raised Gold.

Mary helen Metts

I have a set of winterling BAVARIA GERMANY 48 China. Are they worth anything?


I have Federal Shape Syracuse Briarcliff China.
There are 58 pieces and in excellent condition
I live in Florida Sw Gulf Coast. What is best way for me to sell


I have a Nippon gravy bowl that is hand painted. I would love to know how much it is worth.

Carolyn Alford

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