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Holkham Pottery

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Holkham Hall Pottery History

Holkham Hall, located in the heart of North Norfolk, is a large Norfolk country house, gardens and estate but it is also known for its pottery. The pottery was active between 1951 and 2007, and its its peak employed nearly 100 employees.  Holkham Pottery is a range of handcrafted pieces, made by local Norfolk artisans, that celebrates the beauty of the estate and its surroundings.

Holkham Snowdrop pottery

holkham pottery

The Holkham Pottery range was inspired by the natural beauty of Norfolk and the stunning displays of snowdrops that can be seen at Holkham Hall every winter inspired the very popular Holkham snowdrop pottery range, an example of which is shown above. Each piece was carefully crafted, using traditional pottery-making techniques, to ensure that the quality and beauty of the Holkham pottery was maintained. Early pieces of the Holkham snowdrop pottery were hand painted, although not signed, while later pieces moved to transfer printing of the snowdrop design. This makes the early pieces more collectable. 

The Holkham Pottery range includes a variety of pieces, from mugs and jugs to vases and bowls. They also made an extensive range of commemorative pottery mugs that were supplied to cathedrals and charities such as the RNLI all over the UK.

Holkham Warwick vases

The classic Warwick vase as shown below was produced by the Holkham pottery over a long period of time in a variety of sizes and coastal colours to reflect the colours of the North Norfolk coast. If you zoom in on the picture of Holkham Hall you will see the inspiration behind this classic addition to the Holkham pottery range. 

holkham pottery china

So, why should you choose Holkham Pottery? 

Firstly, by choosing vintage Holkham Pottery, you'll be enjoying and preserving a piece of the Holkham estate history and helping to preserve the tradition of handcrafted pottery. Secondly, each piece is unique, making it a one-of-a-kind addition to your home. And finally, the pottery is not only practical, but it also makes a lovely decorative piece that can be enjoyed year-round.



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