George Jones & Sons Bishop China

George Jones & Sons Bishop China

It's sometimes rather sobering researching these 20th Century china pieces. These beautiful English classic country floral designs really speak of the period in which they were created. But this china mark also resulted from a business failure, death and closure of another business which never reopened after the second world war.

After the death of John Stonier in 1900 and the first World War Bishop and Stonier never really finacially recovered and by 1926 liquidators had been called in.By 1933 the company was purchased by George Jones & Sons who continued the pattern book but moved production to their Crescent Pottery.

China with the Bishop brand stamp was produced for a very short window between 1936 and 1939 when the factory closed for the Second World war.

The Crescent works reopened post war but Bishop & Stonier, and Bishop brands were never again produced. George Jones finally closed all production in 1959.

These floral china dinner service pieces hark from the last era in English history when houses still had a few staff and hosts and guests would dress for dinner, served on china platters, tureens and sauce boats in a formal dinning room.

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Hi , I have two square cake plates with just Bishop England stamped on rear, white and gold.. are they of any value? (handed to me by my mother)
Many thanks

Jason Hampson

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