Swansea design f Winkle and Co china

F Winkle & Co (Ltd) antique Swansea design china

Winkle and Wood pottery

Winkle and Wood started producing English earthenware in 1885 at the Pearl pottery works in Hanley. They were best know for their Whieldon Sanitary Pottery lines, which would eventually end up as part of the Doulton & Co range.

Through a series of owners, including Ridgways, the brand was produced between 1885 and 2000 when the last of the pottery factory was demolished.

Winkle and Wood Whieldon

Whieldon ware was a brand produced for the English and export markets in the late 19th and early 20th Century.

Winkle and Wood Faience

Fenton Faience was another line, made to resemble the popular tin glaze European competition of the time.

Winkle and Wood Swansea china

Winkle and wood Swansea china whieldon ware

This Winkle and Wood Swansea design china dinner plate dates from between 1912 and 1925

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