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Dating Wood & Sons China Yuan

Wood and Sons China Yuan pattern dating and history

Yuan Wood And Sons china history

There are no pattern records surviving for Wood & Sons so the dates are normally in ranges, rather than precise, and it was common for factory transfer stamps to be used simultaneously across multiple factory lines.

Woods also produced Yuan at 2 factories the Trent New Wharf Pottery and the Stanley Pottery.

Over the long period of production the molds, shapes and sizes altered as did the transfer design and colour of the cobalt blue used. Early pieces of Yuan tend to have more detail and more depth of colour.

The Yuan England Rd No 656368 mark is recorded to be first used from 1916 The design is by Frederick Rhead.

Pieces marked Wood and Sons, are post 1907, Wood & Son was used before this.

Impress mark are normally just a mold reference, and not a date stamp or pattern ref, so are of little help.

On early pieces the hatching infill between the floral panels is much fuller and the transfer well design limited to the cup well and is more simplistic than later transfer designs.

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I’m not sure whether you mean to suggest that Sons (with an ‘s’) always goes with and (as opposed to ‘&’). That isn’t so. I have
Wood & Sons
Ren: 656368

Jennifer Hornsby

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