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We are Colclough china pattern experts, our collections for sale online include some rare Colclough china patterns, many won't be available from anywhere else online. If you have a piece of Colclough china that you would like to match view our extensive online Colclough china collection or drop us an e-mail with a photo and we will be delighted to help you. 

Colclough china patterns

The common and most popular Colclough china patterns are now very well recognised, these include:

  • Colclough Ivy Leaf china
  • Colclough Braganza china
  • Colclough Wayside china
  • Colclough Hedgerow china

 This is because these are the big four Colclough china patterns that were continued in mass production after the take over of Colclough Ridgway in 1964 by Royal Doulton. Production of Colclough china continued until 1997.

Colclough china history

Collectors of Colclough China will differentiate periods of production and factory marks.

  • Ridgway marks date pieces to 1955 to 1964.
  • Earlier Colclough china pieces start to get rarer and dating some Colclough china patterns can be problematic as the pattern catalogs have been lost and early Colclough china pieces rarely had a pattern or reg mark even in hand script from the decorators.
  • Pieces from the Booths and Colclough Ltd period 1948-1954 are not difficult to find, but no precise marks were applied, and most pieces simply continued with the previous Colclough China Ltd stamps used since 1913
  • The cross use of patterns between Colclough and Royal Vale during the early part of the 20th Century can make for some interesting harlequin collections. cup shapes and plate designs were produced sided by side in the same Vale works factory in Longton

Rare Colclough china

Very early Vale China HJC L marked (H J Colclough, Longton) marks are the holy grail for Colclough china collectors, but even here the china needs to match the era, as the marks were briefly reintroduced by Colclough with crowns and variations of England, Made in England and British Made during the 1920s and 1940s

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