Colclough Amanda bone china pattern number

Colclough Amanda Bone China

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Colclough Amanda Bone China pattern number

I have tried to find the pattern number used for Colclough Amanda bone china without success. There simply aren't any pieces with a four digit reference which I can confirm anywhere.

Usually Colclough would use a 4 digit pattern reference, sometimes printed as part of the factory mark, but more often hand applied by the decorators as part of the production line. 

This started back in the pre-war era of production but was widely used by the Ridgway period of operation of the Colclough brand.

We have a large collection of Colcough Amanda china which is still being unpacked and listed, so if we do identify the pattern number, I will be sure to update you and the listings.

If anyone knows the pattern number, please do get in touch, as we would love to hear from you, or leave a comment below.

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