Antique Imari pattern china sugar bowl

China Factory or China Retailer?

Antique china pattern Imari BHA London

Towards the end of the Victorian era, the Empire stretched around the globe and England remained the center of industrial production, world trade and commerce. The resultant wealth was centered in London and a host of modern tradesmen were growing wealthy supplying the demand of the growing middle classes. The superstores of this time provided what would later become department stores, providing everything required to fill a home and run a house. This included silverware and dinnerware.

Specialist china houses developed, peaking in the 20 years before the first world war. Some large some smaller specialist dealers, like Barnet Henry Abrahams a silversmith, who's business and reputation had grown to enable the business to commission china and porcelain lines from the Staffordshire potteries on exclusive agreement, excluding the pottery stamps of the manufacturer and being made with the BHA London stamp.

Buy antique Imari pattern china sugar bowl

BHA London china marks have confused many sellers of vintage and antique china ever since. Pieces started with the imari designs so loved by the Victorians but later included art deco designs as tastes changed.


B H A London marks

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