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Blue and white china for sale UK

Lovers of blue and white china will find a browse through our extensive collection of 19th, 20th and some 21st Century blue and white china very rewarding. We have some incredibly rare early examples, including some of our favourite pieces of early Staffordshire pale blue and white china transfer patterns.

Blue and white willow china

Blue and white willow is probably the best-recognised blue and white china pattern and has stood the test of time, being produced with very little change for almost 300 years. Different potteries added subtle changes to the design, often only to the borders or gilt rims. Collectors will afford to be very precise in matching both manufacturers but also the dates of production as designs changed over the extended periods of production.

We have tried to be as precise as is possible with our blue and white china listings, including detailed factory mark graphics and where possible date ranges for the periods of production.

Collecting blue and white china

Collecting blue and white china does not have to be an expensive hobby. Many of these antique and vintage pieces cost a lot less than the modern reproductions. Post-1960's pieces of blue and white china are likely to be detergent and acid-proof, so they will survive most dishwasher cycles if you are buying to use and not just admire.

My particular favourite period for combining style and value is the 1920s-1930s especially if you are going for tea wares. The English style blue and white china teacups can be especially striking and really evoke the period in a way more modern design shapes don't seem to mirror.  Blue and white china, both earthenware and bone china from this period are still quite easy to find and match if a large set is in your plan and budget.

If blue and white willow is too obvious, search for "wild rose" "blue delft" "denmark"  "spodes tower" or "eton college" for some inspirational blue and white china ideas.

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