Antique Royal Albert Imari 4250 Pattern

Antique Royal Albert Imari 4250 Pattern

Imari style was very popular and being produced by most of the leading porcelain manufacturers in Staffordshire in the early 20th Century. This is one of the most iconic representations of the style. Royal Albert 4250. But its not really Imari, or more correctly Arita ware at all. True Arita export ware Japanese china was exported mainly by the Dutch East India Company via the port of Imari from the mid 17th century, and had been heavily taxed in the 18th century, effectively crippling the export business and enabling the UK potteries to jump in with Anglicised versions of the style.

Imari style royal albert 4250 china teacup

Royal Albert bone china from this period is prone to damage and ware. The enamels used in the decoration are usually well conserved, but the gilt decoration is almost always worn of lost. These pieces really cant deal with modern dishwashers or heavy use, so its unusual to find a pair of really well conserved teacup sets as we have here. They have antique patina, don't think they are mint, they have been used, but they are wonderfully bright as the graphics show. The Royal Albert Imari 4250 Trios are now available here

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