Antique H J Colclough Royal Vale pattern 3383

Antique H J Colclough Royal Vale pattern 3383

During the first two decades of the 20th Century Colclough produced what is now loosely called Imari style decorated pieces for the domestic mass market.

Pattern 3383 is one such example. A simple transfer printed design, later block coloured in the familiar cobalt blue, red, yellow and lime green glazes so popular at the time. 3383 is typical of the family of designs, literally dozens of variations were produced.

These pieces were the antithesis of art deco design also in production at this time. Post Great War nostalgia perhaps for the Victorian England, now gone for ever.

The overall effect is bold, often executed without the greatest of care and sometimes imperfect. No two pieces are exactly the same, but this was the mass production of its time, still hand painted colour blocks, but applied at speed intended to be sold at low prices for use in the UK and export markets as everyday china.

Antique H J Colclough can still be found regularly here in the UK, but most is in pretty poor condition, not surprising for 110 year old bone china, sold for daily use rather than display or collection.

Personally for me, nothing quite says Antique English afternoon tea, quite like a table set with Colclough Imari.

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