copeland spode old bow china soup bowls

Antique Copeland Spode Old Bow Soup Bowls

Copeland Spode Old Bow pattern china

Copeland Spode old bow china soup bowls

I had forgotten buying these over the summer, so it was like going shopping in your wardrobe, and finding something you would pounce on, if you saw it in a shop display, when they came out of a mixed box of stock, awaiting listing.

I have a thing for these classic antique English deep rimmed soup bowls in any case. I just love them for pasta meals and anything else with a sauce, they are the size of dinner plates, but with a wonderful 1.5-inch deep bowl.

These particular examples are some of Copelands Spode finest Ironstone work. Old Bow RdNo 599813 later listed as pattern 6418, English with just a twist of Chinoise in the design and in the most sumptuous palette of glazes, hand coloured with real skill on a cream underglaze with rolling borders.

This is a a rare date matched set of 3 Copeland Spode Old Bow soup bowls manufactured for retail sale by Harrods and all date stampled L 12 and with genuine antique patina.

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